YouTube Analytics: How To Discover & Analyze Data

YouTube offers an integrated analytics platform to assist you comprehend your channel’s efficiency.

If you’re utilized to Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics is a lot much easier to utilize and comprehend.

However critical the factors behind efficiency on YouTube can be hard.

In this short article, I’ll start with the essentials of YouTube Analytics: how to discover your information. As I go, I’ll draw your attention to a few of the information that will assist you evaluate your video and channel efficiency.

How Do I See YouTube Analytics?

Getting to your analytics is simple. Simply follow this procedure:

  • Check In.
  • On top right, click the circular icon including your profile image.
  • From the dropdown menu, choose “YouTube Studio.”

You’ll arrive on your channel control panel, imagined listed below.

Screenshot from SEJ YouTube Analytics, January 2023

The control panel reveals you a fast summary, consisting of efficiency information about your most current video or livestream, and high-level channel details.

You can get a high-level concept of views, see hours, and earnings throughout the entire channel over the last month. You’ll likewise see current remarks, customers, and suggested reading.

It’s a great summary, however you’ll require to go deeper for really handy information.

What Details Can YouTube Analytics Supply?

On the surface area, YouTube Analytics might feel fundamental if you’re accustomed to Google’s other tools. It does function power under the hood, however it’s created to be beginner-friendly on the surface area.

If you’re currently acquainted with the essentials and trying to find more modification choices, avoid down to Advanced Mode

Channel Analytics

You can connect with components on the control panel to take you straight to where you wish to go or utilize the left-hand menu to browse.

Let’s begin with the menu.

Click Analytics

Screenshot of YouTube analytics for SEJ Screenshot from SEJ YouTube Analytics, January 2023

The very first tab in Analytics offers you information and charts revealing metrics determined for your whole channel.

So, it pulls information from all your specific videos to show here.

On the chart, you can click each metric on top to see its matching chart. You’ll likewise see a real-time view of activity on your channel, and a fast list of your top-performing material.

Back at the top, you can click each tab to see charts and associated information.

For instance, under Material, you’ll see views, impressions, click-through rates, and typical view period. Typical view period is the typical quantity of time that a single audience sees a video.

In the Material tab, you’ll likewise see information about where impressions and views originated from, whether it’s YouTube search, YouTube functions, external, and so on

On the Audience tab, you’ll see information about returning and distinct audiences, customers, and fundamental market details about audiences. The tab likewise offers you insight into what other channels and videos your audiences like to see.

The Research Study tab consists of a really fundamental keyword research study tool. You can see search terms connected to the term you input. It will inform you broadly about the volume– “high,” “low,” and so on is all you get.

It will likewise recognize search terms where it believes there is a “content space”– and you can see searches that your audiences make.

Let’s return to the primary screen.

Do you see up in the leading right corner, it states A dvanced Mode? Under every chart, you may have likewise observed a S ee More button. All of these links result in the innovative user interface.

If you’re irritated by how fundamental the information appears, that’s where you can personalize the metrics on your charts. Proceed and avoid to the Advanced Mode area if that’s what you require.

Video Analytics

Back in the primary menu on the left-hand side, click Material to begin taking a look at your specific videos.

SEJ YouTube Analytics Screenshot from SEJ YouTube Analytics, January 2023

This tab notes all of your uploaded videos and livestreams. You’ll see details like views, remarks, and likes.

SEJ YouTube Analytics Screenshot from SEJ YouTube Analytics, January 2023

From here, you can click any specific video to see and change its information.

This is where you can change all your video’s information and metadata, consisting of;

  • Title.
  • Description.
  • Tags.
  • Thumbnail.
  • Classification.
  • Audience and age constraint.
  • Language and captions.
  • Date and place.
  • Remark policy.
  • Include subtitles, end screens, and cards.

You have actually likewise got a brand-new menu on the left; YouTube has a standard video editor that you can utilize.

However let’s concentrate on the Analytics tab. Click that.

SEJ YouTube Analytics Screenshot from SEJ YouTube Analytics, January 2023

The very first Analytics screen resembles your channel analytics summary. You can see views, see time, brand-new customers credited to this video, and the video’s earnings if you’re a partner.

Listed below the primary chart, you’ll see information about engagement and retention. These will look a bit various depending upon the kind of material.

  • For livestreams, you’ll see information about remarks and engagement throughout the stream.
  • For videos, you’ll see “crucial minutes for audience retention,” that include view period, the typical portion of the video users saw, and a really useful audience retention chart.
SEJ YouTube Analytics Screenshot from SEJ YouTube Analytics, January 2023

By extremely useful, I indicate that the audience retention chart is most likely the single crucial chart you have access to for a private video.


If you’re an SEO pro, it’s time to find out to believe upside-down, due to the fact that YouTube’s algorithms focus on user engagement signals far above metadata when assessing videos.

The leading YouTube ranking aspect is “audience complete satisfaction,” which is determined with a couple of various metrics.

This chart provides remarkable insight into how audiences connect with your video. The tooltip, imagined above, is a fantastic guide for finding insights about your video.

  • If you observe a sharp dropoff at the start of a video, your intro might most likely be much better, or you didn’t instantly reveal audiences how your video addresses their requirements.
  • Spikes in the chart inform you that those minutes are especially excellent or shareable. The timestamp reveals points at which individuals rewatch or share the video.
  • Dips in the chart are exit or avoid points for audiences. They’re extremely handy for discovering locations where you require to enhance or cut material.

This chart will constantly move down and to the right. However, normally, the less greatly it does so, the more interesting your video is.

The other tabs throughout the leading program you more information about the video.

  • Reach reveals impressions, CTRs, views, and traffic sources.
  • Engagement reveals overall watch time, typical view period, likes and dislikes, and end-screen CTRs.
  • Audience reveals details about your audiences, such as fundamental demographics, whether they’re customers, returning or brand-new audiences, and so on

And similar to the channel analytics information, each chart has a S ee More button, which we’re lastly all set to take a look at!

Advanced Mode

Advanced Mode is where the magic takes place. You can get to it by clicking Se e More on any chart, or Advanced Mode in the leading right corner of your analytics control panel.

The S ee More function is extremely cool, due to the fact that it immediately reveals you an advanced variation of the chart you’re presently taking a look at.

SEJ YouTube Analytics Screenshot from SEJ YouTube Analytics, January 2023

Simply take a look at all those metrics!

You can compare any 2 metrics, personalize the date variety and chart timeframe, use filters, compare videos to one another straight, and the list goes on. This is the “go out what you put in” part of YouTube Analytics.

The more time you invest acquainting yourself with the system and how your material carries out, the more insights you can obtain.

In the leading right corner, there’s a “compare to” menu that offers you a number of effective contrast tools.

SEJ YouTube Analytics Screenshot from SEJ YouTube Analytics, January 2023

You can export any innovative mode view straight to Google Sheets or a.csv file.

Have a look at Google’s guide to Advanced Mode

How Do I See YouTube Analytics For Other Channels?

Competitive research study is a bit harder.

YouTube Analytics just provides information for your channel and those you have actually been welcomed to. To get competitive analytics on other channels and videos, you require to set up third-party tools.

TubeBuddy and VidIQ are 2 of the most popular third-party YouTube tools. They both use totally free extensions that can offer you details about videos and channels you do not own.

They can likewise function as keyword research study help and supply extra information, plus quality-of-life functions in your own channel control panel.

Bear In Mind That there’s just a lot that digging into a rival’s information can do for you on YouTube. You ought to be evaluating the material of their videos, firstly.


YouTube Analytics is basic enough for newbies to browse with ease, there’s a great deal of power if you understand where to look.

To draw reliable conclusions from your analytics, it assists to keep in mind that YouTube algorithms work in a different way from Google search algorithms.

While Google states that user engagement metrics are not ranking consider Google search, user engagement metrics are a few of the most essential ranking aspects on YouTube.

YouTube search and YouTube suggestions likewise operate on various algorithms.

Analytics can assist you comprehend a video’s efficiency based upon various YouTube functions.

If you ‘d rather deal with the information yourself, you can constantly pack up Advanced Mode, select your chart functions and contrasts, then export it.

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