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What Kinds of Memory do we Have?

The focus of this lesson will be on how human memory is arranged, together with a quick take a look at how it works. Our primary objective is that you come away with a much better understanding of how memory functions and a few of its constraints so that we can be more reliable as designers

The primary subjects are:

  • Sensory memory

  • Short-term memory and the wonderful number 7

  • Long-lasting memory and who we are

  • How trustworthy are our memories?

In keeping with the style of comprehending how human beings work– so that we can much better create for them– we begin by checking out the various kinds of human memory. In our progressively security-conscious environment, we have actually ended up being acquainted with checks that we are not robotics which we are who we state we are. Copying long numbers from one app to another has actually ended up being a typical methods of confirmation, a minimum of up until biometric approaches enhance. However how far can we choose this? Six-digit codes for two-factor authentication are basic, however at what point do longer codes or more tough approaches end up being counter-productive? Alan provides us some ideas in his intro to memory.

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