W3C Releases Beta Of New Site Redesign

The Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) revealed a redesign of their years old site.

The redesign is presently in Beta however open for a public sneak peek and feedback, with a launch date of later on in 2023.

W3C Site

The Web Consortium (W3C) is the non-profit company that establishes web requirements.

The present website design, which dates to late 2008, is appealing however likewise a little outdated.

Perhaps since the website is manged by various groups that release sub-sites, some pages on the present website were never ever upgraded and are still utilizing the pre-2009 style.

Screenshot source:

New W3C Website Design

The brand-new style looks modern-day, although the W3C logo design stays the very same.

For instance, the present W3C homepage is a face-full of text.

Current W3C homepage

The brand-new beta homepage is simpler on the eyes and permits white area.

Beta W3C homepage

The W3C site is massive, including many sub-sites that are handled by various individuals.

A website: search of reveals over 600,000 websites.

Revamping the website was a substantial endeavor since of the scale however likewise since of the objective to be available and simple to browse.

A post about the brand-new style shared:

” This covers how we began with style, material and innovation audits, evaluating who utilizes the W3C site, what requires to be interacted, and how it’s presently handled (it’s intricate!).

The work progressed into style, CMS choice, front-end advancement, user screening, ease of access work, style systems, technical construct of the front-end website in Symfony, web browser and ease of access screening (with DAC and Zoonou), and more.”

Naturally, rough edges in the brand-new beta site stay.

I did a partial crawl of the beta website and found over a hundred needless reroutes brought on by coding links to the incorrect URL.

Over 2 thousand pages connect to this URL:

Which reroutes to this URL:

Ideally the objective is to standardize URLs so they all utilize lower case which a few of the URLs are yet to be transformed to lower case.

Searching the brand-new website is simple. Website navigation is user-friendly.

It’s likewise an enjoyment to check out.

The statement mentioned about their objectives:

” The objectives of the redesign are to attain a cleaner and modern-day appearance and higher use, much better ease of access, along with eventually streamlining how the website is handled.

We likewise wish to use incorporated Japanese and Chinese variations, which we will present after the beta of the English website has actually concluded.”

It’s safe to state that they have actually been successful.

The website is still in beta so it’s to be anticipated that the website isn’t best.

All are welcomed to sneak peek the beta variation of the website and deal feedback.

W3C Launches Beta Of New Website Redesign

Check out the main W3C statement:

W3C Releases Beta of its New Site

Check out the recently upgraded beta website

W3C Beta

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