The Plan

Create an automated news website with global news from various sources.

‍We started working on Fox Metro News in Early 2021, the client requested a global news website that works with RSS Aggregator.

So we started building the website with a Fox News look-alike layout as the client requested, but the real challenge was making it as real as it gets and making the aggregated news get indexed on google search and all other search engines.

The Execution

Communicating and designing a more user-friendly product

Building the website with a responsive layout matching the Fox News website and adding various topics gets aggregated from other news websites like Reuters, Fox News, Financial Times, and many others.

After we’ve finished building the website we SEO optimize it and added it to google search and google news and made a backlink profile that should make the website stand well on google search.

The Result

Making it shine in the media business

Now Fox Metro News is one of the automated news websites online and it’s working very well and generating more than 100K visitors a month from Google search only and getting thousands of followers on social media.