Intuit Accounting Specialist Certificate Evaluation

In this post, we have actually examined the Intuit Accounting Specialist Certificate Developed by a market leader in the accounting sector, this hands-on training course supplies trainees with whatever they require to release a brand-new profession in the accounting field.

By the end of this evaluation, you’ll have a clear insight into whatever you can discover with the Intuit Accounting expert certificate. We’ll cover for how long it requires to make your qualifications, the expenses included, and the particular lessons each module will cover.

Intuit Accounting Specialist Certificate Evaluation

Our Decision

The Intuit Accounting expert certificate is a fantastic course for establishing sought-after abilities in the accounting area.

The course is 100% online and includes behind-the-scenes insights into a few of the core tools you’ll utilize as part of your accounting profession.

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What is Intuit Accounting Certificate?

The Intuit Accounting Specialist Certificate is an all-in-one guide to assist novices begin their brand-new professions in accounting. Developed for novices without any anticipation, you’ll establish all of the expert abilities you require to flourish in a brand-new profession landscape. Within just 4 months, trainees can discover everything about crucial ideas in accounting and accounting.

Developed by Intuit and provided by the Coursera training platform, this program is divided into a series of 4 hands-on courses, which have actually assisted 32% of graduates start a brand-new profession. The coursework guides trainees through whatever they require to understand to request a function in a market where the average entry-level income can begin at around $42K annually.

Upon conclusion of the course, trainees will be granted the Intuit Qualified Accounting Specialist Accreditation. This accreditation prepares trainees to request any position as an accountant, either with Intuit QuickBooks Live or anywhere else in the field.

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Who Should Follow this Certificate?

This certificate is developed for anybody with an interest in accounting and accounting. You can take advantage of the certificate to request functions as an accountant, accounting clerk, Accounts Payable Expert, or Accounts Payable Clerk.

Whether you’re simply beginning in a brand-new function or searching for a profession modification, the Intuit Accounting Specialist certificate will prepare you for a variety of functions in public accounting. You’ll likewise be gotten ready for functions in personal market, federal government, and non-profit company accounting.

If you’re enthusiastic about fixing the monetary issues of customers, detail-oriented, and comfy with mathematics, this program might be perfect for you. You’ll discover everything about basic accounting concepts, such as property types, liability, equity, and monetary declaration analysis. Plus, there are a lot of hands-on experiences to assist you through the procedure of utilizing tools like QuickBooks Online.

While there are summaries of Intuit tools like QuickBooks consisted of in this course, you’ll likewise get transferrable abilities you can utilize with practically any software application service.

What You’ll Find out?

The extensive Accounting accreditation from Intuit assists trainees construct a fundamental understanding of accounting ideas and essential accounting measurements. Throughout the 4 courses, you’ll find what it requires to overcome the numerous stages of the accounting cycle and how to produce important monetary declarations.

Trainees practice translating and examining monetary declarations, to help customers in making vital company choices. The hands-on tasks will likewise assist you to construct a portfolio efficient in showcasing your task preparedness to possible companies. You’ll likewise get to profession assistance resources when you finish the course to assist start your brand-new profession.

The crucial elements of the 4 courses in the accreditation will begin you at the start of your brand-new profession journey, with informative summaries into the function of an accountant, what specialists in this landscape do every day, and how you’ll operate in your brand-new position. As you advance through the lessons, you’ll establish transferable abilities you can take into your accounting profession. By the end of the accreditations, trainees will:

  • Have a fundamental understanding of accounting ideas and accounting
  • Know how to overcome the stages of the accounting lifecycle
  • Establish insights into the art of translating monetary declarations to make company choices
  • Know how to look for and gain access to a brand-new profession in accounting or accounting
  • Construct a detailed portfolio showcasing task preparedness in the field

Time Financial Investment and Accreditation

There are 67 hours naturally material in overall, consisting of numerous hands-on tasks, videos, and composed resources. With the consisted of hands-on tasks, Intuit recommends this expertise will take around 80 hours to end up. You can rate your lessons according to your requirements, however you will require to finish all 4 courses, the consisted of tasks, and the Intuit Qualified Accounting Specialist examination.

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Just How Much Does Intuit Accounting Certificate Expense?

The overall expense to get the Intuit Accounting Certificate is $196. The course is used by Coursera through the Coursera Plus membership which costs $49 each month. Typically it takes 4 months for trainees to finish the course and get licensed.

Coursera provides a 7-day totally free trial to examine the course product prior to dedicating to a paid strategy.

Intuit Accounting Certificate Contents

  1. Accounting Essentials
  2. Assets in Accounting
  3. Liabilities and Equity in Accounting
  4. Monetary Declaration Analysis

1. Accounting Essentials

The very first course in the Intuit Accounting Specialist Certificate presents novices to the ideas of accounting and accounting. This preliminary course lays the structure for your understanding of essential company monetary ideas. You’ll specify what accounting is, and the components associated with accounting measurement.

Bookkeeping Basics Course
Accounting Essential Course

Trainees likewise discover what the function of an accountant includes, taking a look at routine jobs and obligations. Plus, there are behind-the-scenes insights into the ethical and social obligations accountants require to be knowledgeable about when preserving the stability of monetary info.

This module is divided into 4 classes, with a host of tests, readings, and videos comprising around 16 hours of material.

In week 1, trainees are presented to accountant functions, the accounting concept, and ideas like double-entry accounting. There are 3 readings, 19 videos, and 5 practice workouts to finish, consisting of 4 tests.

In weeks 2 and 3, which take around 9 hours to finish, you’ll discover everything about the Accounting cycle. Trainees find how to tape-record and keep track of deals with a basic journal and journal. There are ideas on preparing unadjusted and adjusted trial balances, and summaries on developing earnings and balance sheets. Trainees likewise discover how to produce capital declarations, and will participate in a series of 8 practice workouts, with obligatory tests.

Week 4 concludes the very first course with an intro to crucial accounting presumptions, such as the earnings acknowledgment concept, and matching concept, in addition to cash-basis and accrual accounting. There are likewise 2 case research studies to check out and 5 practice tests.

Subject Time To Total
Week 1 Accounting Principles and Measurement 4 hours
Week 2 The Accounting Cycle (Part 1) 4 hours
Week 3 The Accounting Cycle (Part 2) 5 hours
Week 4 Accounting Concepts and Practices 4 hours

2. Properties in Accounting

The 2nd course in the Intuit Accounting expert certificate dives much deeper into the world of accounting and accounting for possessions. The course covers all typical property types, and how to represent stock, expense of products offered, and dealing with home, plant, and Devices (PP&E) elements. Trainees will discover how to sum up the typical possessions of companies, explain the significance of stock control, and check out devaluation.

Assets in Accounting Course
Assets in Accounting Course

This course includes 19 hours of material, divided into 4 weeks. The very first week, which takes 5 hours to finish, consists of 25 videos, 4 readings, and 6 tests.

Throughout week 1, you’ll discover how to deal with possessions, represent sales, and handle notes receivable and uncollectable accounts. There are insights into sale types, tape-recording invoices, and handling billings with software application.

Week 2 takes a look at stock accounting techniques like the expense of products offered, costing techniques, and stock management. You’ll take a look at typical stock, earnings, and balance mistakes, journal entries, and disclosures. There are likewise 4 practice workouts to finish.

In week 3, you’ll check out plant, home, and devices ideas, in addition to discover how devaluation operates in business, and how to handle devices leases.

There are 3 tests, and a PPE evaluation to finish. Week 4 ends up the course with 5 hours of material covering how to use accounting concepts and understanding. You’ll find out about accounting for the PP&E lifecycle and take 3 tests to display your understanding.

Subject Time To Total
Week 1 Accounting Principles and Measurement 5 hours
Week 2 Stock Accounting Approaches 4 hours
Week 3 Home and Devices 5 hours
Week 4 Using Accounting Concepts and Understanding 5 hours

3. Liabilities and Equity in Accounting

The 3rd course in the Intuit Specialist Accounting Certificate checks out liability and equity accounts, and how they affect the balance sheet. Trainees check out all sort of liabilities, consisting of payroll and sales jobs. Over 14 hours of research study, you’ll discover how to explain the primary qualities of liabilities, compare various equity alternatives, and utilize accounting formulas.

Liabilities and Equity in Accounting Course
Liabilities and Equity in Accounting Course

In week 1 of the course, you’ll be presented to various liabilities, and how to represent them utilizing sales tax payable accounts. There’s assistance on talking about credit with customers, and handling credit lines, with 3 helpful tests for checking your understanding.

Week 2 takes a look at payrolls, commitments, and loans, with 27 videos covering how to select a payroll system, established direct deposits, and track staff member time.

Week 3 takes a look at Equity and Liabilities, with 18 videos presenting ideas like home mortgages, bank loans, and amortization. Trainees likewise take a look at Stakeholder equity and can access 4 practice workouts to check their understanding of bank loans, equity, and liabilities.

In the 4th week of the course, you’ll practice your understanding by resolving typical accounting circumstances.

The 4th week takes a look at accounting mistakes, practicing payroll, and overviewing money deals. You’ll likewise find out about modifications in equity driven by revenues and withdrawals. Plus, there are 4 practice workouts consisting of a detailed evaluation of equity and liability.

Subject Time To Total
Week 1 Liabilities and Equity in Accounting 3 hours
Week 2 Payroll, Commitments, and Loans 4 hours
Week 3 Equity and Liabilities 3 hours
Week 4 Practice with Liabilities and Equity 4 hours

4. Financial Declaration Analysis

The 4th and last course in the Intuit Specialist Accounting certificate asks trainees to use their existing understanding to a monetary declaration analysis. Here, you’ll discover how to fix up various account types, look for precision, and address typical mistakes.

Financial Statement Analysis Course
Monetary Declaration Analysis Course

The 18 hours of resources assist trainees through the procedure of utilizing bank reconciliations to manage capital, laying out monetary declarations, and using quantitative abilities to company health.

In week 1, you’ll begin with an introduction of liabilities, how to represent them, and how to utilize sales tax payable accounts. The lessons cover whatever from getting ready for reconciliation to handling balance sheets and utilizing QuickBooks online. There are numerous insights from specialists, in addition to 4 practice workouts and a 1-hour evaluation.

Week 2 takes a look at how to check out monetary declarations and analyze balance sheets. There’s specialist assistance on capital, and how to produce declarations of capital in QuickBooks online. Plus, there are tests to check your understanding of capital analysis.

Week 3 takes a look at the actions associated with examining crucial reports and deals. You’ll find out about earnings declaration analysis, earnings margins (gross, net, and functional), balance sheet analysis, and debt-to-equity ratios. There are examinations on company interactions, capital, and balance sheet management, and examining crucial reports.

Week 4 ends up the course by asking trainees to overcome typical accounting circumstances handling equity, payroll, and liabilities. You’ll run numerous reports utilizing online software application, and get ready for the Qualified Intuit Accounting examination.

Subject Time To Total
Week 1 Comprehending Reconciliations 3 hours
Week 2 How to Check Out Financial Statements 4 hours
Week 3 Evaluating Secret Reports and Deals 5 hours
Week 4 Application and Practice with Reconciliations and Monetary Analysis 6 hours

Intuit Accounting Certificate Examinations

To effectively finish the Intuit Accounting Specialist Certificate, you will require to end up all 4 modules, consisting of the accompanying hands-on tests and tasks associated with each course. All of the modules have their own tests accompanying weekly of lessons, developed to check your abilities.

Following the 4 courses, you will likewise require to register for and end up the Intuit Qualified Accounting Specialist examination. This will need you to produce a Pearson Vue account, where you can set up and acquire your last examination. The examination costs $149 to take, and enables both in-person and online screening, depending upon your requirements.

Ending up the examination will supply you with a digital badge and accreditation you can share when obtaining all sort of accounting and accounting functions. If you do not attain a passing rating on the examination the very first time, you will require to wait 24 hr prior to re-taking it. If you do not attain a passing rating the 2nd time, you’ll require to wait 5 days prior to using once again.

All initial coupons for your examination need to be utilized prior to their expiration dates. Retake coupons require to be utilized within thirty days of a stopped working examination. There are numerous tools to assist you get ready for this last test throughout the four-course accreditation.

This is an example of how the examination concerns appears like.


After you finish this Intuit expert accreditation you can think about registering in a digital marketing accreditation and beginning your own digital marketing company.

How Difficult is the Intuit Accounting Certificate?

The Intuit Accounting Specialist Certificate is developed particularly for novices, without any anticipation or knowledge in accounting. You do not require any professional understanding to start, however it’s suggested you take each course in order to get ready for the upcoming lessons.

The lessons and modules are easy-to-follow and extensive, with a lot of useful examples, case research studies, videos, and specialist assistance. You’ll likewise be totally free to finish each of the modules at your own rate, and practice your abilities utilizing hands-on projects and tests.

With numerous resources and downloadable material to assist you, in addition to hands-on tasks, you can quickly prepare yourself for a profession in accounting and accounting. Every part of each course is divided into quickly absorbable sections.

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Is the Intuit Accounting Certificate Worth it?

If you have an interest in an accounting or accounting profession, this course is certainly rewarding.

According to the Bureau of Labor Data, the need for accountants and accounting professionals is fairly constant, with a typical typical income of around $45,560 for specialists. While this landscape isn’t growing as rapidly as some other locations, accounting functions can be very financially rewarding and steady, as business will constantly require specialists to assist them handle their accounts.

Business in every market requirement to deal with accounting experts to guarantee they can send income tax return, and monitor their earnings and loss over extended durations. The Intuit Accounting Specialist Certificate will provide you the insights and knowledge you require to request accounting functions in practically every market. You’ll likewise establish essential insights into how to utilize vital software application tools.

Qualified by Intuit, a leader in the accounting world, this course is well-respected by market leaders, and outstanding for broadening your resume. You’ll likewise get assistance on how to request your brand-new function in the accounting world with market-leading brand names.

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