How to Utilize WordPress Hooks To Enhance Technical SEO

WordPress is the most popular material management system (CMS) on the planet, with a market share of more than 60%.

A huge assistance neighborhood and a variety of offered complimentary plugins make developing a site with WordPress (WP) budget friendly, and it plays an essential function in why its market share is so huge.

Nevertheless, as you understand, setting up plugins comes at an expense.

They frequently might deteriorate your Core Web Vitals ratings; For instance, they might pack unneeded CSS or JS files on every page where they are not required.

To repair that, you require to work with a developer to do it for you, purchase a premium plugin, or possibly decrease a little knowing course and do it yourself.

You can likewise go hybrid and fix some parts of your concerns by customized coding, and other parts utilizing plugins.

This short article intends to assist you in your knowing course, and we will cover the most required WordPress hooks to assist you enhance your site’s technical SEO.

What Is A WordPress Hook?

WordPress hooks are crucial functions in WP that permit designers to extend the performance of the CMS without a requirement to customize core WP files– making it simpler to upgrade styles or plugins without breaking customized adjustments.

They supply an effective method for designers to extend the performance of WordPress and make customized modifications to their websites.

What Is A Filter Hook?

The hook filter function is utilized to customize the output of the function prior to it is returned. For instance, you can suffix page titles with your blog site name utilizing the wp_title filter hook.

What Is An Action Hook?

Action hooks permit developers to carry out particular actions at a particular point in the execution of WP Core, plugins, or styles, such as when a post is released, or JS and CSS files are packed.

By finding out a couple of fundamental action hooks or filters, you can carry out a large range of jobs without the requirement to work with designers.

We will go through the following hooks:

  • wp_enqueue_scripts
  • wp_head
  • script_loader_tag
  • template_redirect
  • wp_headers


This is precisely the action hook you would utilize to omit redundant CSS or JS files from filling on pages where they are not required.

For instance, the popular complimentary Contact Kind 7 plugin, which has more than 5M setups, loads CSS and JS files on all pages– whereas one just requires it to pack where the contact type exists.

To omit CF7 CSS and JS files on pages aside from the contact page, you can utilize the code bit listed below.

 function my_dequeue_script() {
// examine if page slug isn't our contact page, additionally, you can utilize is_page( 25) with page ID, or if it is a post page is_single(' my-post').
if (! is_page(' contact')) {
wp_dequeue_script(' google-recaptcha');.
wp_dequeue_script(' wpcf7-recaptcha');.
wp_dequeue_script(' contact-form-7');.
wp_dequeue_style(' contact-form-7');.

add_action(' wp_enqueue_scripts', 'my_dequeue_script', 99 );

There are a couple of bottom lines; the action hook concern is set to 99 to guarantee our adjustment runs last in the line.

If you set it to, state, 10, it will not work since CF7 enqueue function utilizes concern 20. So to guarantee yours run last and have an impact, set a concern big enough.

Likewise, in the code, we utilized as a function argument identifier “contact-form-7”; you might question how I discovered that.

It is quite easy and instinctive. Simply utilize check aspect tool of your web browser and look for the id quality of link or script tags.

Screenshot from author, February 2023

You can examine your site source code utilizing check aspect and begin dequeuing any JS or CSS file where they are not required.


This action hook is utilized to include any resource JS, CSS files, or meta tags in the << head> > area of the website.

Utilizing this hook, you can pack preload above-the-fold resources in the head area, which can enhance your LCP ratings.

For instance, typeface preloading, which is among Google’s suggestions, or logo design and included images on short article pages, constantly load above the fold– and you require to preload them to enhance LCP.

For that, utilize the code bit listed below.

 function my_preload() {

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