GTmetrix: How To Utilize The Speed Test Tool

With numerous tools and applications readily available for our market, it is difficult to learn about every one.

There are concerns about what they do, just how much they cost, what they are utilized for, therefore numerous other concerns that afflict us when we’re searching for a tool to assist us resolve issues.

Today, we will review GTmetrix, the speed test tool.

We will evaluate the usages, how to utilize the tool, and what to do with the output.

What Is GTmetrix?

GTmetrix is a web-based tool that offers an analysis of site speed.

It will evaluate a website’s load time, size, and demands taking place, and after that produce a rating with suggestions to enhance it.

This tool can be utilized by website owners, engineers, SEO pros, and others to determine their website’s efficiency and try to find space for enhancement.

Screenshot from, February 2023

How To Utilize GTmetrix

The GTmetrix tool exists on a site that you can access online.

You do not require an account to start– however you will require one if you wish to have the ability to modify the place and internet browser type.

To utilize GTmetrix, plug your URL into the site.

GTmetrix interface Screenshot from, February 2023

Once the report is total, you can evaluate the metrics supplied (we will enter into more information about the significance of those listed below).

You will get a summary of the GTmetrix Grade, Web Vitals, and a summary that reveals the speed visualizations.

The speed visualization is an excellent method to see what your site appears like as it loads, layered in with the metrics overlayed.

At the bottom, the leading problems are kept in mind and broken out by overall subjects: First Contentful Paint (FCP), Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Overall Obstructing Time (TBT), and Cumulative Design Shift (CLS).

It likewise offers the level of effect, which is practical for prioritization.

Although these are the very first readily available after running the test, GTmetrix advises you concentrate on particular audits discovered in the Structure tab.

GTmetrix Summary page Screenshot from, February 2023

Let’s take a look at each of the various tabs within GTmetrix, and how they work.

Efficiency Tab

The efficiency tab offers insight into numerous performance-based metrics, consisting of things like FCP, Speed Index, CLS, and other metrics that are internet browser particular.

Structure Tab

This is the area that GTmetrix recommends you begin with. This area lays out the tool’s numerous audits and the effect the products have.

There is detailed details readily available in each of these audits that reveals what requires to be remedied.

Much of this details is technical, and if you require a much better understanding, GTmetrix offers a “discover how to enhance this” button that takes you to a wiki discussing in more information how this problem effects efficiency, how it works, and how to prevent it.

Here’s what’s truly helpful: it offers what level of experience is needed to make these optimizations.

GTmetrix optimization recommendation box Screenshot from, February 2023

Waterfall Tab

This tab highlights a waterfall chart and the information of each action in a waterfall technique.

Here, you must take notice of resources that take a long period of time to load.

Gtmetrix waterfall report example Screenshot from, February 2023

You can hover over the resource row and see a comprehensive breakdown of why the resource takes too long to load.

GTmetrix: How To Use The Speed Test Tool Screenshot from, February 2023

In this example, we see that, for the server, it took about 700ms to react– which might show server problems that can be resolved by utilizing CDN for resources.

Video Tab

This tab offers the alternative to tape-record a video of a page load and utilize it to identify various problems with the page.

You will require an account to take advantage of this tool.

History Tab

Here you can see charts that show modifications gradually to your page metrics like page sizes, time to engage, and ratings.

This is an excellent method to determine your development gradually.

Gtmetrix's history tab Screenshot from, February 2023

What GTmetrix Measurement Way

As we went over above, GTmetrix produces a general rating as its output, however what it determines is necessary, too.

GTmetrix Grade Introduction

GTmetrix Grade

This is the metric that assists you comprehend the general efficiency of your site.

The grade is identified by thinking about the users’ load time and the site’s architectural style.

A fast-loading site that is well-architected for efficiency is most likely to get a greater grade, while a sluggish website with longer load times or bad architectural style might get a lower grade.

Efficiency Rating

The efficiency rating, as specified on the GTmetrix site, can be compared to a Lighthouse Efficiency Rating.

This works details for anybody who wishes to comprehend the metric and its relationship to other efficiency steps.


The structure score integrates GTmetrix’s exclusive evaluation of its custom-made audits with the Lighthouse evaluation.

Ball game represents how well the website is architected for efficiency.

GTmetrix Grade visual Screenshot from, February 2023

Web Vitals

This area highlights metrics that Google utilizes to figure out if a site is producing what it describes as “a wonderful experience.”

Biggest Contentful Paint (LCP)

LCP describes the time it considers the most considerable aspect on your site page to load where the user can see it.

An excellent user experience would be 1.2 seconds or less.

Overall Obstructing Time (TBT)

TBT is a Lighthouse metric developed to determine your site’s load responsiveness to user input.

It is indicated to determine the quantity of time that avoided the user from communicating.

This changed First Input Hold-up (FID) that was utilized in PageSpeed Insights.

Cumulative Design Shift (CLS)

CLS is the metric that steps unforeseen moving of page aspects while the page is packing.

This metric is likewise utilized in Google’s Web Vitals.

This is indicated to rank the stability of a web page.

Web Vitals Dashboard Screenshot from, February 2023


GTmetrix uses important insights and details to improve the efficiency of your site.

It functions as a thorough tool to examine the wellness of your website and reveal aspects impacting your online search engine presence.

By making use of GTmetrix, you can take proactive actions to enhance and enhance your online existence.

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