Google Updates Structured Data Assistance To Clarify Supported Formats

Google upgraded the structured information assistance to much better stress that all 3 structured information formats are appropriate to Google and likewise describe why JSON-LD is is advised.

The upgraded Browse Central page that was upgraded is the Supported Formats area of the Intro to structured information markup in Google Browse website.

The most essential modifications were to include a brand-new area title (Supported Formats), and to broaden that area with a description of supported structured information formats.

3 Structured Data Formats

Google supports 3 structured information formats.

  1. JSON-LD
  2. Microdata
  3. RDFa

However just one of the above formats, JSON-LD, is advised.

According to the paperwork, the other 2 formats (Microdata and RDFa) are still great to utilize. The upgrade to the paperwork discusses why JSON-LD is advised.

Google likewise made a small modification to a title of a preceding area to show that the area addresses structured information vocabulary

The initial area title, Structured information format, is now Structured information vocabulary and format.

Google included an area title the area that uses assistance on Google’s favored structured information format.

This is likewise the area with the most extra text contributed to it.

New Supported Formats Area Title

The upgraded material discusses why Google chooses the JSON-LD structured information format, while verifying that the other 2 formats are appropriate.

Formerly this area consisted of simply 2 sentences:

” Google Browse assistances structured information in the following formats, unless recorded otherwise:

Google advises utilizing JSON-LD for structured information whenever possible.”

The upgraded area now has the following material:

” Google Browse assistances structured information in the following formats, unless recorded otherwise.

In basic, we advise utilizing a format that’s most convenient for you to carry out and preserve (for the most part, that’s JSON-LD); all 3 formats are similarly great for Google, as long as the markup stands and appropriately carried out per the function’s paperwork.

In basic, Google advises utilizing JSON-LD for structured information if your website’s setup enables it, as it’s the most convenient option for site owners to carry out and preserve at scale (to put it simply, less vulnerable to user mistakes).”

Structured Data Formats

JSON-LD is perhaps the most convenient structured information format to carry out, the most convenient to scale, and the most uncomplicated to modify.

Many, if not all, WordPress SEO and structured information plugins output JSON-LD structured information.

Nonetheless, it’s a helpful upgrade to Google’s structured information assistance in order to make it clear that all 3 formats are still supported.

Google’s paperwork on the modification can be checked out here.

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