Google Gets Rid Of Task Browse Experience From South Korean Search Results Page

Google upgraded their Browse Central Developers Task Post page to eliminate South Korea as an area in which the Task Browse Experience is readily available.

Google Browse Experience

A Browse Experience is an abundant outcome, a minimum of 3 of which are interactive abundant outcomes.

Abundant outcomes stand apart from the routine search results page, calling attention to the web pages that are noted within them.

According to Google’s search experiences gallery page, there are 3 interactive search experiences:

  • Occasion
  • House Activities
  • Task Post

This is a screenshot of a search results page with a Task Browse Experience abundant outcome:

Task Post Browse Experience

Google uses companies the possibility of ranking their task posts in an interactive abundant outcome called the Task Post Browse Experience.

Organizations can utilize JobPosting structured information in order to end up being qualified to appear in a Task Post search experience.

There are in fact 2 methods to certify.

Google’s documents encourages:

” You can enhance the task looking for experience by including JobPosting structured information to your task publishing websites.

Including structured information makes your task posts qualified to appear in an unique user experience in Google Search results page.

You can likewise incorporate with Google by utilizing a 3rd party task website.”

Regional Schedule of Task Browse Experience

This abundant outcome is readily available in areas all over the world:

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East & & The United States And Canada
  • The United States And Canada
  • Sub-Saharan Africa

While the Task Experience is readily available worldwide, it’s not readily available in every nation.

For instance, the Task Browse Experience is not readily available within the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania.

The Task Browse abundant outcome utilized to be readily available in South Korea however Google just recently silently eliminated it from the local accessibility documents on February 28, 2023.

An entry in the Browse Central designers page changelog was included March 2023 with the following declaration:

” February 28: Gotten Rid Of South Korea from the readily available areas for the task search experience on Google.”

I talked to International search online marketer Christopher Shin of Digital Possession Directors (LinkedIn profile) to ask why Google would leave the Korean market for task search posts.

Christopher shared:

” Individuals in Korea do not utilize Google to look for tasks. They go straight to task publishing sites when they’re trying to find tasks.

None of my customers have ever, not even when, inquired about enhancing for Google task posts.

It’s not how individuals browse here.”

Christopher likewise described that Google has about a 43% market penetration in Korea, up from a 5% share around 8 years back.

Google is growing in appeal in Korea. However Korean search patterns possibly do not validate keeping the task publishing search experience there.

Included image by Shutterstock/Mix and Match Studio

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