17 Amazing Examples Of Social Network Marketing

Innovation has actually made the world appear a lot smaller sized.

Staying up to date with family and friends on the other side of the nation or around the world no longer needs a pricey phone call or sluggish, one-way general delivery.

Rather, thanks to the power of social networks, in simply seconds, you can share updates about your life or check in with anybody who has web gain access to.

However there’s a lot more to the world of social networks than simply making and keeping connections– particularly for smart online marketers.

Why Is Social Network Marketing Important For Brands?

For organization functions, websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide a chance to engage with an enormous audience.

In 2015, there were more than 4.7 billion individuals around the world utilizing social networks platforms, which indicates a great deal of possible clients.

Social network enables you to inform your story and humanize your brand name.

Without a big spending plan allowance, it lets you develop an audience and remain top of mind with your targets.

You can link and communicate with clients, handle feedback (both favorable and unfavorable), and develop credibility simply by being active on the ideal websites.

Not persuaded? Here are some crucial statistics about social networks marketing:

From paid display screen advertisements targeting an extremely particular group to natural posts that go viral, social networks provides an amazing chance to evangelize your brand name, increase your exposure, and discover brand-new clients.

However what separates the business who are actually eliminating it on social networks from the countless also-rans who never ever rather appear to get any traction from their accounts?

In this piece, we’ll have a look at some impressive methods popular brand names are leveraging typical platforms to influence your projects.

How To Determine Social Network Marketing Efficiency

Prior to we dive into the enjoyable things, let’s take a minute to go over how you can track the outcomes of your social efforts.
Judge the efficiency of your social networks marketing by determining your KPIs or crucial efficiency indications.

Some KPIs you might think about consist of:

  • Reach (the variety of individuals who saw your post).
  • Impressions (the variety of times your post was seen).
  • Engagement (the number of likes, shares, remarks, and so on, you got).
  • Conversions (button clicks, follow, forms completed, and so on).

The ones you utilize to determine success will depend upon your objectives.

For instance, if your objective is increasing awareness, you’ll wish to analyze your reach and impressions stats.

If you’re attempting to create leads, you most likely wish to focus mainly on conversions.

Each brand name is various, which indicates they will not just determine success in a different way however will likewise differ in which platforms are most reliable for their social networks marketing efforts.

With this in mind, we have actually broken down our examples and motivation by platform. So, without any additional ado, let’s dive in.


1. Dove: Job #ShowUs

When: 2019

Project Overview:

Acknowledging appeal is available in numerous kinds, Dove released Job #ShowUS, a social networks project meant to challenge stereotypes of what is and isn’t thought about stunning.

Using ladies and non-binary individuals, this project is a cooperation with Getty Images and Girlgaze Photographers.

The Numbers:

  • The task has actually reached over 1.6 billion individuals with over 660 media pieces in 39 markets worldwide.
  • More than 2,000 ladies promised to develop a more inclusive vision of appeal.
  • In simply the very first year, the hashtag #ShowUs was utilized more than 7 million times on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Why Did It Work?

For generations, media and marketing have actually provided a picture of what appeal is. Nevertheless, this has actually left 70% of ladies seeming like they are not represented by media and marketing.

Dove spoke straight to the sensations of its target market, engaging with them about the brand name’s worth and motivating them to take pride in being themselves.

Strategic shipment assisted reach ladies worldwide.

2. Gillette: “Our Company Believe: The Very Best Guy Can Be”

When: 2019

Project Overview:

In January 2019, Gillette released a social networks project focusing on a contemporary analysis of manhood.

The brief movie published solely on YouTube illustrated a number of cases of males dealing with standard masculinity that Gillette itself utilized to glorify: the worry of revealing their feelings, unwanted sexual advances, and bullying others.

Then the movie reveals a number of examples of favorable masculinity, such as defending others, looking after your enjoyed ones, and so on.

The project was plainly influenced by the #MeToo motion.

On their Instagram, the business likewise published favorable male good example with narratives about their journey on the planet:

  • Organizers.
  • Neighborhood leaders.
  • Non-profits’ CEOs.

In addition to that, the business assured to contribute “$ 1 million each year for the next 3 years to non-profit companies performing the most intriguing and impactful programs developed to assist males of any ages accomplish their individual finest.”

The Numbers:

  • The brief movie that released the project has more than 30 million views.
  • The #GilletteAd hashtag reached more than 150 million individuals in one month, according to Awario (disclosure: I work for Awario), a social listening tool.
  • The Instagram posts associated to the project collected around 800 likes and 50 remarks, which is greater than normal for Gillette.

Why Did It Work?

This project handled to use a very pertinent and commonly gone over problem.

It juxtaposed the previous branding of Gillette with a brand-new one and revealed the desire to alter.

At the exact same time, it was likewise rather questionable– some individuals didn’t concur with how the brief movie represented males and believed that it stank.

They even began a #boycottgillette hashtag. Nevertheless, it just used up around 3.5% of all the discussions around the project on social networks.

3. BuzzFeed x Friskies: Dear Kittycat

When: 2016

Project Overview:

If there’s something the web enjoys, it’s feline videos.

Buzzfeed and Friskies used this belief with their “Dear Kittycat” videos, in which an older home feline teaches a kitty how to be a feline.

The Numbers:

  • The launch video has actually been seen on YouTube more than 32 million times.
  • 12 follow-up videos have actually been seen upwards of 3 million times each.
  • The project caused viral TikTok parodies, with the hashtag #DearKitten getting more than 3.6 million views.

Why Did It Work?

You do not need to have genius-level insight into the human mind to comprehend why this project was so effective. It has adorable felines and an amusing script.


4. Apple: The Shot on iPhone Difficulty

When: 2015

Project Overview:

The world’s most popular smart device producer, Apple, takes fantastic pride in the quality of images that can be caught on its gadgets.

To highlight the fantastic images that it can take, it released a competitors that asked iPhone users to “catch the little things in a huge method.”

Photographers were then welcomed to share their images on Instagram and other social networks websites utilizing the hashtag #ShotOniPhone.

A panel of judges then picked 10 winners from 10s of countless entries, which were then included on Apple’s site, the business’s Instagram, and on 10,000+ signboards in 25 nations.

It has actually considering that ended up being a yearly project for the brand name.

The Numbers:

  • The preliminary of the project had more than 6.5 billion impressions.
  • It was pointed out by 24,000 influencers, with a 95% favorable remark ranking.

Why Did It Work?

User-generated material (UGC) is a low-investment method for business to promote their brand name on social networks, however this isn’t the factor for this project’s success.

Rather, Shot on iPhone motivated individuals to go over the project, which carefully lined up with Apple’s credibility for imagination, way of life, and development.

It motivated existing users to take part in item launches and developed a sense of enjoyment about becoming part of the iPhone neighborhood.

In addition, it provided iPhone users a sense of becoming part of something cool, which everybody likes.

5. Starbucks U.K.: #WhatsYourName

When: 2019

Project Overview:

Starbucks U.K. partnered with Mermaids, a company to support transgender and gender-diverse youth, for a #WhatsYourName project concentrated on trans rights.

The project constructs on a popular element of the Starbucks experience– having your name composed on the side of your cup– by dedicating to appreciate the names that clients wish to be called by.

In addition to that, Starbucks began offering a mermaid tail cookie to raise funds for Mermaids.

Social network users were motivated to utilize the hashtag on Instagram to outline their experience with gender.

The Numbers:

  • The YouTube advertisement collected 605,000+ views (with less than a thousand YouTube customers).
  • The Instagram post collected 1,000+ remarks, with a typical remark rate for the Starbucks U.K. Instagram profile being around 40 remarks.

Why Did It Work?

The group behind the project developed an easy, clear project hashtag.

And they led with their worths, which assisted this project make a genuine, psychological effect.

Lots of brand names prevent politicized subjects, however eventually, your staff members and clients desire you to decide.

Particularly, they desire business to lead on problems of variety and neighborhood.

6. Spotify: #YearWrapped

When: 2019

Project Overview:

3 years earlier, Spotify released a project where its users might see the most crucial musical highlights on their site.

The unique web page Spotify Covered revealed you your most listened artists, categories, tunes, and other enjoyable information discoveries.

You might even see how the music you listened to accompanied your life occasions that year.

As soon as you went through all the information analysis, Spotify recommended you share these highlights on social networks, particularly Twitter and Insta Stories, and tag your preferred artist of the year.

The Numbers:

  • According to Twitter, the project has actually been pointed out in a minimum of 1.2 million posts in the launch month.
  • More than 60 million users engaged with the in-app story experience.
  • There were almost 3 billion streams from Covered playlists.

Why Did It Work?

Spotify integrated 2 huge mental triggers in this project: customization and FOMO.

To start with, the app supplied an individualized story for each user– you might see how your music taste established through the year and what tunes accompanied you in your life.

Second of all, by making it possible for and motivating sharing on social networks, Spotify magnified the project’s reach.

Individuals naturally wished to display their highlights to their buddies, hence making more individuals excited to attempt this experience.

7. Netflix: Wan na Discuss It?

When: 2019

Project Overview:

Acknowledging the significance of psychological health and getting rid of distressing experiences, Netflix released Wan na Discuss It?, a weekly Instagram LIVE series and accompanying site that addresses subjects varying from sexual violence and abuse to gender identity and self-destructive ideas.

It includes stars from a number of Netflix films and series, it was at first gone for the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Numbers:

  • Wan na Discuss it? Functions with 150 companies in 45 nations, using info, videos, downloadable guides, and not-for-profit helplines in 26 languages.

Why Did It Work?

The international lockdown was a challenging time for lots of people. Not able to leave their houses, streaming services were a significant source of home entertainment.

With this project, Netflix attended to the psychological health problems numerous were suffering through, providing celebs to whom they might relate.

8. Daniel Wellington: #WheresWellington

When: 2016

Project Overview:

Swedish watch producer Daniel Wellington was among the very first brand names to acknowledge the power of social networks influencers.

The business sent out complimentary watches to a few of the most-followed people on Instagram, with the only requirement being that they publish one image on their feed utilizing the hashtag #WheresWellington. Fans were then asked to think the place where the image was taken.

This, in turn, created a substantial buzz around the brand name, which increased in appeal with teens and young people.

The Numbers:

  • The Where’s Wellington material saw substantially greater engagement than the watch business’s regular social networks posts.

Why Did It Work?

By gamifying visual material on social networks, Daniel Wellington provided fans a factor to engage with its posts, whether in the type of a like, a remark, or a share.

Guessing formats is an easy yet effective method to motivate interaction on platforms like Instagram, while a top quality project hashtag makes it simple to track success.


9. BuzzFeed: Delicious

When: 2016

Project Overview:

You have actually most likely seen these fast and simple dish videos appearing all over your Facebook news feed.

Screenshot from Facebook, December 2022

BuzzFeed’s Delicious videos are basically cooking programs for the social networks generation.

These videos, usually lasting less than 2 minutes, provide on-trend dishes to an extremely engaged audience.

The Numbers:

  • Almost 15 months after introducing, Delicious released 2,000 dish videos, providing the brand name a constant stream of brand-new material.
  • Videos reach around 500 million users regular monthly.
  • 100 million Facebook fans.
  • In September 2016, Delicious created more than 1.8 billion views of its videos. BuzzFeed now has a group of 75 individuals devoted to producing material for Tasty.

Why Did It Work?

For beginners, there’s the material.

” It use an easy fact: Individuals like delicious foods and the sort of foods that advise them of their youth, home cooking, or food that advises them of an experience,” according to Frank Cooper, BuzzFeed’s chief marketing officer.

However more significantly, Delicious and Appropriate Delicious have actually taken off on Facebook since the material is custom-made for that platform.

The videos are enhanced for Facebook’s autoplay function, which begins playing videos without the noise on. You do not require noise to see, for instance, a 45-second guide to making a cheese-stuffed pizza pretzel.

Within 24 hr, that video had 37 million views, 650,000 likes, and 750,000 shares. (It’s now as much as 117 million views.)


10. Houseparty: Fortnite Trivia Difficulty

When: 2020

Project Overview:

Legendary Games integrated 2 of its most popular offerings in the online video game– Fortnite and the now-discontinued social networking app Houseparty– to develop a trivia difficulty.

Members of the Fortnite neighborhood jointly responded to more than 20 million trivia concerns about the video game to open an unique in-game skin for all gamers.

Ranging From April 10-16, it got countless engagements on Twitter.

The Numbers:

Why Did It Work?

Players are absolutely nothing if not devoted to their preferred computer game.

By including both a neighborhood component and gamification, Legendary had the ability to create considerable engagement with its tweets about the project under both Fortnite and Houseparty accounts.

And by using a concrete, special, and limited-edition benefit, it motivated sharing and involvement.

11. Getty: The Getty Museum Difficulty

When: 2020

Project Overview:

The Getty Museum is house to countless works by a few of history’s biggest artists, consisting of Rubens, Monet, Rembrandt, and Cezanne.

In 2020, the Los Angeles-based Museum required to Twitter and other social networks platforms, difficult individuals to recreate well-known art work with simply things from their houses.

The Numbers:

  • The preliminary tweet saw more than 10,000 retweets, near 3,500 quote tweets, and over 25,000 likes.
  • Countless entertainments were sent, consisting of some recreating renaissance art with lasagna noodles and a vacuum serving in location of a harp.

Why Did It Work?

It was the pandemic’s start, and individuals were tired and searching for an imaginative outlet.

Getty’s Difficulty permitted them to show their funny bone while developing a favorable diversion.

12. Greggs: #VeganSausageRoll

When: 2019

Project Overview:

Greggs is a British bakeshop chain enjoyed by the Brits.

In January, they presented their brand-new vegan sausage roll, with a smart video advertisement parodying Apple advertisements.

Nevertheless, it’s not the advertisement itself however the occasions that made the project unforgettable.

Piers Morgan, a questionable public figure, retweeted Greggs’ statement and revealed inflammation at the presence of a vegan sausage roll.

That made both pro-vegan roll and anti-vegan roll British individuals sign up with the social networks fight of the year!

Greggs reacted to Piers Morgan together with 9,000+ other Twitter users.

And they didn’t avoid reacting both to sausage roll fans and haters with amusing remarks.

As an outcome, the vegan sausage roll turned into one of the most popular Greggs items that year.

The Numbers:

  • On Twitter alone, the Greggs vegan sausage roll discussion saw over 516 million impressions, according to Brandwatch.
  • The statement tweet was retweeted more than 15 thousand times.
  • Greggs leapt 9.6% in sales in the very first 7 weeks of the launch.

Why Did It Work?

Although the success of the project partially occurred since of a natural retweet and not an action prepared by Greggs, it when again reveals us the power of influencer marketing.

Even an unfavorable viewpoint revealed by an influencer draws an amazing quantity of attention to your brand name.

Plus, if it’s an influencer that the majority of people dislike, you just win due to this retweet.

Another lesson to eliminate from this project is the benefits of being amusing on social networks.

Greggs’ amusing reactions to haters are what won over a brand-new audience, and it’s an excellent practice not to take yourself too seriously on social networks.

13. Planters: The Death of Mr. Peanut– #RIPPeanut

When: 2020

Project Overview:

Maybe among the most unusual social networks projects: The cherished mascot of Planters junk food business passed away at the start of January.

His death was revealed with a tweet and later on discussed in a video advertisement published to YouTube.

Obviously, Mr. Peanut compromised his life to conserve his industrial co-stars, Matt Walsh and Wesley Snipes.

You might win some treats by responding to a tweet with a #RIPPeanut hashtag.

The brand names and routine social networks users alike played together with the project, and it even got a reference on SNL.

The project was influenced by the response to star deaths on social networks.

It intended to duplicate the exact same level of engagement that Tony Stark’s death triggered in “Avengers: Endgame.”

Later On Mr. Peanut was born-again as a Child Nut and now gladly tweets from the Peanut Jr. account.

The Numbers:

  • The tweet revealing the death of Mr. Peanut collected nearly 50,000 retweets.
  • The hashtag was utilized more than a million times on Twitter.

Why Did It Work?

The project’s facility was so insane that it right away ended up being a meme.

Lots of comics and amusing Twitter characters “were making jokes about Mr. Peanut’s departure.”

This particular brand name of web humor ensures things go viral– and it worked.

14. Airbnb: #GoNear

When: 2020

Project Overview:

Another pandemic-birthed project, Airbnb presented its Go Near project as an effort to promote regional travel and assist the economy recuperate from the lockdown.
The travel market was especially tough struck by the pandemic, and the short-term rental business released the project on social networks utilizing the #GoNear hashtag to advise individuals that there are great deals of enjoyable locations near where they live.

The Numbers:

Why Did It Work?

Acknowledging not simply its own income however the earnings of individuals who depend on it as an income stream, Airbnb responded to the pandemic rapidly.

The business deeply comprehended its audience’s requirements and developed data-driven material to resolve them.

Airbnb likewise concentrated on developing individual connections that humanized the brand name at a time when numerous were feeling separated.


15. P&G: #DistanceDance

When: 2020

Project Overview:


Stay at home & & do the distancedance. Tag me & & the hashtag in your video. P&G will contribute to Feeding America & & Matthew 25 for very first 3M videos #PGPartner

♬ Huge Up’s (accomplishment. Yung Nnelg)– Jordyn, Nic Da Kid

Produced throughout the pandemic (seeing a pattern here?), Proctor and Gamble required to TikTok with a project developed to motivate social distancing.

Under the hashtag #DistanceDance, the business partnered with social networks and previous competitive dancer Charli D’Amelio to assist slow the spread of the coronavirus.

For the very first 3 million videos published to the short-form video apps, P&G contributed to Feeding America and Matthew 25 Ministries.

The Numbers:

  • The hashtag has actually created more than 18 billion views to date.
  • Charli D’Amelio’s video got nearly 7 million likes and had more than 143,000 remarks.

Why Did It Work?

Acknowledging that to reach a more youthful audience, they required to reach them on their platform of option, P&G leapt completely into this TikTok project.

Partnering with a recognized influencer assisted the business reach an audience it would otherwise have actually struggled to get in touch with.

The give-back part likewise developed a feel-good factor to take part in the hashtag difficulty.

16. UN Australia: #EmpowerMoves

When: 2021

Project Overview:

@unwomenaust #EmpowerMoves is the dance that’s likewise self-defence. Sign up with the motion today #UNWomenAust ♬ Good ideas (R3HAB Remix)– Wafia

United Nations Australia welcomed the complete capacity of the short-form video website by developing a fundamental self-defense “dance” for ladies.

Including 4 standard self-defense motions, #EmpowerMoves is meant to provide ladies and ladies the self-confidence and assistance to secure themselves and form a strong and equivalent future.

This project follows on the heels of another UN Women Australia project, “When Will She Be Right?,” which looks for to speed up development towards gender equality.

The Numbers:

Why Did It Work?

TikTok has actually been house to popular dancing videos considering that its creation.

UN Australia profited from this by dealing with choreographers and celebs to develop motions that not just look excellent in time with the music however can likewise keep ladies safe.

It likewise acts as a rallying point for ladies who will no longer take a rear seats to males or accept being a victim.


17. Harvard Organization Evaluation: Unique Protection: Coronavirus

When: 2020

Project Overview:

Since it’s so typically utilized as an expert networking website, it’s simple to forget that LinkedIn is a social networks platform similar to Facebook or YouTube.

Harvard Organization Evaluation acknowledged it might fill an important function throughout the height of the pandemic by using resources about the coronavirus.

Collecting numerous resources in one hassle-free location, they supplied a reputable source of info at a time when false information was running widespread.

The unique protection consisted of info about establishing work-from-home policies, reacting to brand-new versions, and assisting discover a brand-new regular.

The Numbers

  • The HBR has nearly 14 million fans, a number of whom took advantage of this info.

Why Did It Work?

From worries of microchipping to governmental conspiracies, the large quantity of straight-out incorrect info about COVID-19 was shocking.

On top of this, this was uncharted area for companies of all types.

Leveraging the trustworthiness of its moms and dad organization, HBR supplied quality, accurate suggestions for handling a wide array of pandemic-related problems.

Secret Takeaway

While a number of the projects included here had COVID-ties, that has to do with the only thing they shared. Otherwise, they ran the range of platforms and audiences.

However something else connected these brand names together: They all discovered ingenious methods to attract their targets. And they provided something in return.

From the computer game skin in the Houseparty Fortnite Trivia Difficulty to the home entertainment of the Dear Kittycat videos to the psychological assistance of Netflix’s IG live series, they all supplied worth for their audience.

Keep this in mind as you make every effort to develop your own social networks projects. And who understands? Possibly next year, you’ll be included here.

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