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10 Concepts of Ease Of Access

Do you wish to buckle down about availability, however discovering it tough to understand where to begin? In this video, we’ll take you through 10 concepts you can utilize to start producing excellent available sites and user interfaces today. To name a few things, you’ll find out how to produce ALT text that makes good sense (and why it is very important), why hamburger menus are not ideal for availability, and what it indicates to accept the gain access to mindset.

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The Takeaway

When you wish to begin developing for availability, you need to think about these 10 concepts:

  • If you can’t think about all specials needs, think about loss of sight. 80 percent of availability problems relate to loss of sight.

  • Keep in mind to produce excellent ALT text (text that explains images).

  • Keep in mind to tag hamburger menus so screen readers do not avoid over them.

  • Do not position crucial material out of the method where screen readers will not discover it.

  • You need to evaluate for availability with genuine users.

  • Do not disable zoom in mobile user interfaces.

  • Availability is more affordable when it’s done up front– and quickly discovered.

  • Know visual predisposition, however keep in mind that availability does not imply awful style.

  • Inspect mobile availability independently.

  • Welcome the all-access mindset.


© Ralph Aichinger, CC BY 2.0

Course: “Availability – How to Style for All”

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